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Panthers News · Girls Middle School Track Defeats Northwest and Harper Creek!

The girl’s middle school track team came out on top after a tough battle with Northwest and Harper Creek at Thursday night’s double dual home meet.

The following girls placed in these events:  (Each event was scored against both teams.)


Pole Vault:

1st and 2nd place Olivia Vowels

2nd and 3rd place Sarah DeLa Grange


High Jump:

1st and 2nd place Lilli Luma

2nd and 3rd place Anna Burk


Shot Put:

2nd and 3rd place Bristol Tucker

3rd place Liberty Skrynski


Long Jump:

1st and 1st place Jocie Berry

2nd and 2nd place Alyssa Gennety

3rd place Brynn Myers


3200 M. Run

1st and 1st place Alyna Lewis

2nd and 2nd place Kaelyn Pluta


55 M. Hurdles

1st and 2nd place Lilli Luma

2nd  and 3rd  place Anna Burk


4×200 M. Relay

2nd place Maya Greenslade, Ali Rockwell, Jocie Berry, Maygann Marr


800 M. Run

1st and 1st place Kendall Robertson

2nd place Aubrey Devine

3rd place Alyssa Gennety


1600 M. Run

1st and 1st place Alyna Lewis

2nd and 3rd place Cassidy Lammers

3rd place Sydney Siders


100 M. Dash

2nd and 3rd place Sadie Dietsch



400 M. Dash

1st  and 1st place Madi Barnes

2nd and 2nd place Kendall Robertson


4×800 M. Relay Team

1st and 2nd place  Aubrey Devine, Sydney Siders, Alyssa Gennety, Mariah Bristol


70 M. Dash

1st and 2nd place Sadie Dietsch

3rd  and 3rd  place Brynn Myers


200 M.Hurdles

1st and 1st place Anna Burk

2nd place Sarah Chalfant

3rd place Leah Miller


200 M. Dash

1st and 2nd place Madi Barnes

2nd place Lilli Luma


4×400 M. Relay

1st and 1st place team- Alyna Lewis, Leah Miller, Madi Barnes, Kendall Robertson


4×100 M. Relay

1st place and 2nd place team- Brynn Myers, Maya Greenslade, Maygann Marr,  Jocie Berry


Great Job Panthers!