Panthers News · Thanks Coach!

Thank you Western Coach! Your continuous effort and sacrifices do not go unnoticed, you are appreciated.

Thank you for being an exceptional role model for our student athletes and the entire Western community. We are proud to call you “Coach”.

Thank you for teaching our student athletes sport specific skills, thank you for using the platform of athletics to teach life lessons; teamwork, leadership, accountability, failure, success and work ethic to name a few. These will stay with our kids long after their athletic careers conclude.

Thank you for the countless hours you dedicate to your profession. The time devoted to practice planning, practices, contests, film sessions, fundraising efforts and meetings are astounding and that doesn’t even account for the time spent on your full-time job.  

Thank you for pushing our student athletes to be the best they can be. Thank you for not cutting corners, thank you for not accepting mediocrity. Hopefully these traits are ingrained in your athletes heads long after they are wearing the athletic uniform.

Thank you for believing in our student athletes. Thank you for giving them opportunities to succeed. For some students “coach” is the only person they feel believes in them. You’ve created bonds with these kids in which they will seek your advice 5-10 years down the road because you simply believed in them.

Thank you to your significant other for being your pillar of support. Thank you to him/her for the sacrifices they make that allow you to be with our student athletes.

Thank you for believing in yourself. Thank you for not listening to the loud minority and trusting the silent majority in your decision making and coaching philosophy.

Thank you for being Coach!